Practical Uses of Runes in Ancient History

One of the main uses of runes during the time of the Vikings is for protection and healing. The great thing is that it is still carried on in present time. The students of runes in present time usually carry stones with runic carvings whenever they go to say their doctor or if they need to visit someone at the hospital. It can be compared to a student carrying lucky gemstones or crystals if they wish to pass an examination.

Healing runes are also referred to as Lim runes. These are symbols that were carved in the leaves or bark of what is believed to be a ‘healing’ tree.

The table below is a list of healing runes or rune stones used to aid illnesses in different parts of the body. This is only for your information but if you wish to try it, we don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be tried out especially if you are someone interested in studying the art of runes. We do suggest though that you shouldn’t abandon the prescribed medication of your doctor regardless of whether you’re using rune stones, herbs, crystals or other similar magical materials.

Remember that these things can only help you in healing and perhaps creating a more positive energy vibe for your body and that it is only complementary and not an alternative. Runes in particular are mostly used for meditation so that it can help you heal of whatever it is that you’re complaining physically. It’s also best that you carry with you at all times a rune item and wear it like a jewelry or amulet so that it can reinforce its healing powers.

Healing Runes Body Part
Fehu Chest, Lungs and Respiratory ilnnesses
Thurisaz Heart problems  
Eihwaz   Eye problems
Uruz   Muscles and anything connected with physical strength
Raido   Legs and gluteal muscles
Gebo   Toxic poisoning
Laguz   Kidney problems
Ansuz   Mouth, teeth, throat, stuttering problems  
Wunjo   Breathing problems
Hagalaz   Wounds, grazes, and cuts
Nauthiz   Arm or hand problems
Jera   Bowel or digestive illnesses
Berkana –   Fertility problems
Kaunaz   Cysts, ulcers, abscesses, boils and anything associated with fever
Sowelu   Burns or skin problems
Algiz   Mental illnesses, depression or anxiety, head – related problems
Teiwaz   Rheumatics, joint  illnesses, arthritis
Isa   For any form of loss of feeling or sensation
Inguz   Problems associated with male reproductive system
Ehwaz   Back problems or anything associated it    
Mannaz   Sprains, pulled tendons, particularly in the feet or ankles
Dagaz   Fear, distress, nervous problems, stress
Othila   Genetic problems or anything that is inherited
Perth   Anything associated with childbirth problems or sexual organs

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